A Valentine Affair: Cioppino Take Out or Stay

Thank you Harry Vogl & Denise Brand!

Thank you Harry and Denise for not only donating the seafood for our delicious Cioppino, but for spending the week end prepping and cooking! It was so delicious and such a treat for us to break bread together after such a tough year! Thank you also to volunteers Sue and Charlie Eckberg, Mike Hogan, Jim Rossi, Carlos Gonzalez, Jose Robles, Irene Deem, Barbara Seymour and Linda Payne.

Charlie Eckberg and Harry Vogl are two retired SFFD guys who know their way around the kitchen. Both are also fishermen.

Saturday the crew made sauce, starting with sauteeing onions, garlic and celery…then that is put into giant pots with clam juice, chicken broth, smashed anchovies and tomato sauce. Linda Payned set up the garlic bread, Barbara Seymour did desserts and they both helped set up the bags and utensiles for take out. We all had fun sipping wine and enjoying the day together.

On Sunday morning Irene thought she would get an early start in the kitchen getting the garlic bread done. She found a great used commercial bread baking tray and thought she had a handle on it. Well, the griddle on the top of the left hand oven started to smoke a little and she though it might just be some grease burning off…but no…the smoke increased and fortunately retired firefighter Charlie Eckberg removed the wooden griddle cover and paper towells which were burning…but no worries, the garlic bread came out fine!

Charlie, Harry & Denise heated up the sauces and added the seafood. The smell was incredible! We made 68 orders and had a great time, once we rest up a little we will consider doing it again! Gotta get the take out part better organized, things got a little gnarly, but it all worked out. The idea of Cioppino is sharing – it originated on the wharf where fishermen would contribute a portion of their catch to a common pot – and they would say “Chip – In -O” a play on words. We would like to have more events like this at St. Elizabeth, but need more volunteers to “Chip – IN – O” not necessarily money but in time helping setting up tables, etc.

Thank you Fr. Luis for suggesting this social, and especially for taking cioppino to our shut in parishioners and neighbors. Thank you everyone who came and enjoyed the event!

God bless!