Update Feb 13, 2015: We have completed 7 episodes of CATHOLICISM and will interrupt our series during Lent. We will continue later in the year. Read this Sunday’s bulletin for a report on Episode 7, and visit for further information. We hope you will consider joining us later in the year. The series is packed with theology, philosophy and catechism in a glorious presentation of Catholic art, architecture and music, with sites in 16 different countries. If you are vague about the faith, or troubled by modern criticism of the faith, this course will help you clear up your doubts and confusion. Thank you all who have attended for supporting the program!



As we know from scripture, any good Christian venture faces some big challenges, and we had our share with equipment problems and a flood but we finally started this wonderful series in St. Hubert’s Hall on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 11:00 AM.

Due to time constraints, we viewed only the first half of Lesson 1 and then held our discussion, led by Fr. Luis. Fr. Luis pointed out Fr. Baron’s emphasis on the dangers of domesticating Jesus rather than recognizing how radical Jesus was. At a time when the government and religious institutions were more blended, he challenged both with a calling for a much higher standard and a reordering of human society.

Very often people who have left the church or are critical of it point to scandals and corruption in the church, and Fr. Baron reminds us of St. Paul’s description of the church as a treasure held in crockery, fragile, prone to cracks and leaks.

Note: Each lesson is a stand alone lesson and not dependent on previous lessons. So please do not hesitate to join us later in the series, or intermittently as your schedule permits. We appreciate your efforts to increase your faith, and please let us know any suggestions for times and dates that are more convenient for you.

Nina LoGuidice’s review: a “clapping out of ones chair enthusiastically with popcorn flying about.”

St. Elizabeth’s will continue this series in January.

One of the fun things to do while watching is to try to identify the paintings Fr. Baron uses, as well as the historic sites. If you are an art history buff, you will find a treasure of Catholic art in this series.

We strongly recommend purchasing the Student Guide for $25.00 from the publisher’s website store.

CATHOLICISM is a DVD project by Rev. Robert E. Barron, Rector-President of Mundeleine Seminary, University of St. Mary of the Lake. While this is a serious faith formation course, it is also great entertainment and a gorgeous feast for the eyes and ears, with video from around the world of the most beautiful cathedrals and shrines, Catholic festivals and beautiful music that is part of our Catholic heritage.

We are offering a taste at the Rio theater in Monte Rio on Sunday, November 23 at 2:00 pm. Lesson 6 A Body Both Suffering and Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church will be shown. The series will start at St. Hubert’s Hall at 11:00 AM at the rectory. If the size of the group increases, we will move to St. Hubert’s Hall.

Fr. Barron tells us “Don’t be a beige Catholic!” This study will colorize your faith!!!

Fr. Luis is enthusiastic about using this program for St. Elizabeth’s. It is a joyful celebration of Catholicism, taking us on a tour of the world, presenting all the cultures and nations, cathedrals, art, liturgy and music.

Reference guide by topics for the series:

Here is one of the segments:


Here is a sample of a lesson:|utmccn=%28referral%29|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=%2F&__utmv=-&__utmk=124428810

We will be announcing the schedule of classes soon on this page and in the parish bulletin.

Additional information:

Endorsement Letter from Francis Cardinal George CATHOLICISM_Cardinal_George


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