Candy Store

So much fun Yum-Raising with See’s Candy!

Plan your holiday gift giving using our wonderful See’s Yum-Raising Store! St. Elizabeth Parish receives a generous share of the profits which will help us recover from losses during 2020. Shopping tip: the 2lb boxes are marked up slightly higher to provide a 50% share of the profit; the Stocking Stuffers also provide $4.00 of the $8.00 price to the parish. The other items are offered at suggested retail price.

Starting Nov. 1 you will be directed to our online store. Shipments of the See’s winter products selected for this program begin Nov. 16. The store closes Dec. 1 so be sure to get your Christmas orders in by this date.

NOTE: There is an error on the print flyer. Lollipops are $19.20. Our apologies!

Ordering online is so easy you can do it from your cell phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t we order earlier? Ordering earlier would involve warm weather shipping charges. St. Elizabeth Parish gets the best pricing for you waiting until November 1.

I don’t use a cell phone, how can I order? You could ask a family member or friend to order for you using their phone, or contact Irene at

How can I cancel my order? contact the See’s fund-raising staff at or by calling 877.599.7337.