Candy Store

Our store is now open! Click the image to go to the store! Thank you for supporting our fund raiser!

Don’t shop online? Order from Michele after masses. On Jan 24 she will have:
Toffee-ettes, 8oz Valentine Hearts,
1 lb. Red Hearts Assorted Chocolates,
3 oz. Milk Chocolate Butter Heart.,
Mini Heart Assortment & Labrador Puppy Boxes

You can also order thru her before the 29th.

See's Valentine Candies
See's Candy Year Round Store
Click the picture to shop!
So much fun Yum-Raising with See’s Candy!

Ordering online is so easy you can do it from your cell phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t we order earlier? Ordering earlier would involve warm weather shipping charges. St. Elizabeth Parish gets the best pricing for you waiting until November 1.

I don’t use a cell phone, how can I order? You could ask a family member or friend to order for you using their phone, or contact Irene at

How can I cancel my order? contact the See’s fund-raising staff at or by calling 877.599.7337.