Returning to Church


Returning to the Catholic church occurs in many different ways. Sometimes it’s dramatic and prompted by trauma; other times it is a slow, silent process taking place over years. Please know that many of us at St. Elizabeth’s have been away and have returned, and that you are most welcome to our church! We offer fellowship and welcome you to our parish.


Perhaps in the beauty of the Russian River you will hear God’s voice, perhaps in the tiny churches of St. Catherine’s or St. Colman’s. Whatever your circumstances know that we as Catholics are praying for each other and aspire to uplift our fellow Catholics in faith.

St. Elizabeth’s has many volunteer opportunities in the parish, as well as with St. Vincent de Paul, the Russian River Interfaith Community for Homeless and Catholic Charities Family Support Center. Their meetings and special events are listed in the church bulletin. Working on volunteer projects is a great way to fulfill your charitable works duties as well as meet other parishioners and network in the community.

Enjoy growing your faith with fellow travelers on your faith
journey! Pivotal Players: Bishop Barron’s production, Vol. 1
of the most influential figures in church history. St. Francis of
Assisi, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Henry
Newman, G.K. Chesterton and Michelangelo. Each segment is
approximately 1 hour. Wednesday afternoon viewings at 5:00
pm at the home of Mary Ann. RSVP is necessary please call
Mary Ann at (707) 869-0323.

Below is a recent post by Bishop Barron describing the need for balance among the three essential elements of the church. It addresses the issues we commonly see people arguing about and provides the solution.

Perhaps you would like to share with us the things that have helped you in your faith journey.

A very valuable education opportunity for any Catholic is the Santa Rosa Diocesan Conference. The Santa Rosa Congress will be held Saturday, October 4 th at Cardinal Newman High School. For information and updates contact the Diocesan Dept. of Religious Education (707) 566-3366 or Also check the Diocesan website at

Bless you on your journey!

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