Service Partners

We are deeply grateful to our service partners who have donated their time, talent, labor and equipment to St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church. We would never have been able to achieve the extensive safety, hygiene and esthetic improvements for our outdoor church without their generous help.

Russian River Clearing

Damen Kennedy


14195 Armstrong Woods Road

Guerneville Ca 95446


Von Renner Construction and Excavation

Phone: (707) 869-0901
Fax: (707) 869-0953
Facebook: Find us on FACEBOOK


The bank along Armstrong Woods Road has been abused with trash, toileting and illegal camping. See the video below which shows an incident earlier this summer which required sheriff intervention.
This is the same are next to the Fire Station where two campers are upset and threw urine from waste buckets at volunteers cleaning the area in preparation for mass. Removing tghe brush makes it easier for the sheriff to see illegal activities, and is a deterrent to drug, alcohol, toileting and illegal camping activities.
Oct. 9, 2020 Damen Kennedy leveling dumped dirt in area formerly heavily covered by brush, downed trees and limbs, and a frequent site for encampments and toileting.
Oct. 10, 2020 update
St. Elizabeth outdoor church property serves as a staging area during emergencies. This shot was taken during the recent Wallbridge Fire. Maintaining the property is important for this reason as well. The clearing and tree trimming done by Von Renner Construction and Russian River Clearing ensures the property is in shape for this use. Their generosity benefits the entire community.
St. Hubert Hall serves as a dormitory for fire fighters during wild fires. It currently hosts the Russian River Community Food Pantry, staffed by volunteers from the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Salvation Army, who distribute groceries to needy people twice a month. This property is part of the St. Elizabeth Outdoor Church and must be clean and safe to serve these functions.

We are deeply grateful to Mike’s Truck Farm in Fulton on River Road, who annually contribute these gorgeous boxes of fruits, vegetables an candies each year to our Christmas Food Giveaway. Mike’s is ope this winter – be sure to visit them soon!