Stories by Daniel J. Demers

Daniel J. Demers, Writer

Thank you to Daniel J. Demers, writer and St. Elizabeth parishioner, for allowing us to reprint his stories. Dan specializes in obscure characters from the 18th and 19th centuries. None of us are quite that old, so we’re not skewered by his wry wit! Enjoy!

Catholic nuns as nurses in US Civil War
Sisters of Charity, Gettysburg 1863
St. Innocent of Alaska, Fr. Ioann (John) Vianiminov
Story of SF Phone Book Cover
Dan Demer’s Story of early political correctness overcome in SF.

The Latest from Dan Demers: THE MISSING CROSS

Enjoy this story of old San Francisco, Mission Delores and the SF phone book.

New: Duct Tape for Jesus

Enjoy this comical tale of local Guerneville church robbers!

2017: We are happy to present a reprint of Dan’s piece on a founding father in California of the Russian Orthodox faith who enjoyed friendship with the Roman Catholic priests he met. It’s an inspiring story of early ecumenism in the early days of California history. Click links to open PDF articles.

North Coast Ecumenicist #3

The latest from Dan:

The Other Crucifixion

St. Damien’s Forgotten Helper

Damien Alcatraz Story (5)

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